Patient Centered, Disease Specific, Multidisciplinary Care Models

Our patient centered care model allows our patients to access care through a variety of specialized, disease specific centers.  Each center incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and management of a specific neuroscience condition, harnessing the expertise of different specialists in a close collaborative manner working towards delivering the best care for the complex neurological conditions.



Hawaii Center for Aging, Memory, and Brain Health

The center for memory and brain health focuses on accurately determining the causes of memory loss and helps to ensure that the correct diagnosis is established early on. Available treatments include medical, behavioral and innovative therapies with an emphasis on preventive measures that slow or stop the progression of memory loss. The center prides itself with a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary team approach to memory loss, which attracts fellows, residents and medical and graduate students from all over the state.  The center is committed to “caring for the mind” of our patients and their families through respect and advocacy for their interests.



Hawaii Center for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders

The center focuses on providing a comprehensive approach to caring for the patients and caregivers of Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders.  This includes accurate timely diagnosis, management of co-morbidities like depression, behavioral disturbances, sleep disorders, gait disturbances, functional abilities for activities of daily living and memory impairment.  Neurologist is specially trained to maximize the benefit from medical management and provide latest therapeutic techniques such as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and Botulinum Toxin Injection.



Hawaii Center for Behavioral Health

The center for Behavioral Health focus on evaluating the psychiatric and behavioral issues associated with neurological and psychiatric conditions.  Mental health professionals work in interdisciplinary manner with other specialties to provide the best care for patients with emotional and behavioral issues.  Psychological counseling offers integrated psychotherapy that is tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Psychotherapy treatment may include behavioral, emotion-oriented, cognitive-oriented, and relaxation techniques that may be used as an adjunct in the treatment with patients that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, tension headaches, depression, life changes and transitions, relationship challenges, and symptom management. Services will be provided individually and can include family psycho education, group psychotherapy, and individual/or couples therapy.

Hawaii Center for Stroke and Neurologic Restoration

This clinic uses a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to develop and bring innovative treatments to diagnose and care for patients in Hawaii who have suffered from stroke.  We have a goal of significantly improving the chances that a patient can prevent, or optimally recover from a stroke. This includes also optimizing the rehabilitation efforts and the use of Botox injections for dystonia and spasticity, which can help to improve function and mobility.


Hawaii Center for Headache and Facial Pain

This center is dedicated to relieving the pain and suffering of headache patients and improving their quality of life. Treatments effectively integrate medical and non-medical therapies, such as alternative medicine, Botox injections, physical therapy and supportive counseling.

Hawaii Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Institute is committed to the care of patients with seizure disorders and epilepsy and has established the Hawaii Comprehensive Epilepsy Center (HCEC) in 2014, dedicated to the comprehensive and total care of patients with seizure disorders and epilepsy in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.  The goal is to provide an early and accurate diagnosis of the spells or seizure disorders with Hawaii’s first and only outpatient Long Term Video Electroencephalogram (EEG) Monitoring, built to capture seizures or spells while being monitored and observed onsite by neurologist and EEG technicians.  These one of a kind specialized procedure will offer early and prompt diagnosis in order for proper treatment to be instituted in a timely fashion without delay.   The goal is to control seizures with the right treatment modalities with minimal or no side effects so that our patients can continue to lead a productive and normal life.
The outpatient setting allows same day testing in a very safe and closely monitored environment while the convenience and cost savings of an outpatient same day procedure without being admitted to the hospital or take days off work.

The epilepsy care team is led by an Epileptologist (neurologist with specialized training in epilepsy) working together with a multidisciplinary team including neuropsychologists, psychologist, and nurse practitioners to ensure that the emotional, social aspects are also being cared for.   HCEC is dedicated to the comprehensive care of the patients including managing hormonal related seizures, medically refractory seizures, and vagal nerve stimulator implantation, seizures during pregnancies, seizures in the elderly, teenagers with seizures, night time seizures, and other special situations.  It is also Hawaii’s leader in epilepsy research with clinical trials for cutting edge and innovative seizure treatments.

The Neurophysiology department operates under the HCEC and consists of both onsite Long Term Video EEG monitoring, Home Ambulatory Long Term EEG Recording, Routine EEG Recording, EMG and Nerve Conduction studies and other specialized neurophysiologic studies.  HCEC performs more test and studies than anyone else on the island provided by the most experienced neurologists and technicians in the state.  HCEC meets and exceeds national standards and guidelines to provide the most up to date and advanced testings and treatment modalities.


Recent review on overnight Video-EEG stay


Hawaii Pediatric Neurology Center

The Hawaii Pediatric Neurology Center is dedicated to diagnosing and treating neurological disorders that affect children. These disorders include neuromuscular conditions, seizures, headaches, developmental delay, cerebral palsy and many more. Our pediatric neurologist specializes in providing the specific individualized care children require. She will be delighted to meet with you and your child in order to provide the specialized treatment, care and education you and your family deserve.

Hawaii Pediatric Epilepsy Center

The Hawaii Pediatric Epilepsy Center is dedicated to the comprehensive care of children with epilepsy. Patients will have access to the state's only prolonged video EEG lab. Our EEGs will be performed by a registered technologist who specializes in pediatric patients. After the EEG, patients will have an opportunity to meet with the neurologist who specializes in children, to review the EEG, the diagnosis, and treatment options with the patient and his or her family.

Hawaii Center for Neuromuscular Disorders

The Hawaii Center for Neuromuscular Disorders is focused on diagnosing and treating disorders of the peripheral nerves and muscles in both children and adults. Some of these disorders include muscular dystrophies, myasthenia gravis, ALS, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, as well as rare conditions of the nerves and muscles that are seen in children and adults. Diagnosis of your condition may require a test of the nerves and muscles called an electromyogram (EMG). This test looks at how the nerves conduct electrical impulses to the muscles, as well as how the muscle fibers themselves are working. The EMG is performed and interpreted by our neurophysiologist, a neurologist who has specialized training in conducting EMGs, and in the study and diagnosis of neuromuscular conditions. Our neurophysiologist is also able to perform an incredibly subspecialized test called single fiber EMG, which can be helpful in diagnosing disorders such as myasthenia gravis. In addition, our neurophysiologist is the only one in Hawaii who is also trained specifically to see children with neuromuscular disorders. The goal of the Hawaii Center for Neuromuscular Disorders is to provide comprehensive care, including diagnosis and treatment, for any patient who has a condition affecting their peripheral nerves or muscles.

Hawaii Center for Brain Science Research

Center for brain science research focuses its effort looking at how people in Hawaii could cultivate a culture of healthier lifestyle in the hope to improve brain health, working closely with the wellness center for mind body medicine. In addition, it also recruits some of the best scientists and researchers from around the world to look at how we could leverage our resources here on the island to bring innovative solution to the latest challenges in neuroscience.  The center seeks to work with and collaborate with the leading universities and organizations in the world to play our part in contributing to the understanding and science of the brain.

Center for Neuroscience Clinical Trials

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience goal is see that Hawaii’s population has access to the latest neuroscience research treatments including innovative medications and latest neurologic devices.  It is often not practical for people living in Hawaii to travel to other states due to distance and frequency of visits.  Therefore, our goal is to work with the leaders of neuroscience innovators to bring these treatments here for the people of Hawaii.  HPN has skilled and experience physicians who are familiar with ICH-GCP guidelines and regulatory requirements, trained staff including a dedicated CRC (Clinical Research Coordinator) to conduct clinical trials and research and able to use central IRB.

The following are in development and recruiting faculty:

Center for Brain Tumor and Neuro-oncology
Center for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Center for Spine Health
Center for Neuromuscular Disorders
Center for Neuroscience Clinical Trials
Center for Neural Engineering and Innovation
Wellness Center for Mind Body Medicine