Irisa Devine,  M.D.

Director of Pediatric Neurology Division and Hawaii Center for Neuromuscular Disorders

Irisa Devine, M.D. is the director of Pediatric Neurology Division and Hawaii Center for Neuromuscular Disorders at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience.  She completed her pediatric neurology residency at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and additional fellowship training in Clinical Neurophysiology in Pediatric EMG, EEG & Neuromuscular Disorders.  She completed her undergraduate studies and medical school at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  
Dr. Devine specializes in diagnosing and treating neurological disorders that affect children. These disorders include neuromuscular conditions, seizures, headaches, developmental delay, cerebral palsy and many more. She is skilled in providing the specific individualized specialized treatment, care and education you and your family deserve.  
At the Hawaii Center for Neuromuscular Disorders, Dr. Devine devotes her effort and specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the peripheral nerves and muscles in both children and adults. Some of these disorders include muscular dystrophies, myasthenia gravis, ALS, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, as well as rare conditions of the nerves and muscles that are seen in children and adults.   Diagnosis of your condition may require a test of the nerves and muscles called an electromyogram (EMG). This test looks at how the nerves conduct electrical impulses to the muscles, as well as how the muscle fibers themselves are working. The EMG is performed and interpreted by our neurophysiologist, a neurologist who has specialized training in conducting EMGs, and in the study and diagnosis of neuromuscular conditions. She is also able to perform an incredibly subspecialized test called single fiber EMG, which can be helpful in diagnosing disorders such as myasthenia gravis. In addition, Dr. Devine is the only one in Hawaii who is also trained specifically to see children with neuromuscular disorders. The goal of the Hawaii Center for Neuromuscular Disorders is to provide comprehensive care, including diagnosis and treatment, for any patient who has a condition affecting their peripheral nerves or muscles.   
At the Hawaii Pediatric Epilepsy Center lead by Dr. Devine, patients will have access to the state's only prolonged video EEG lab. Our EEGs are performed by a registered technologist who specializes in pediatric patients. After the EEG, patients will have an opportunity to meet with the neurologist who specializes in children, to review the EEG, the diagnosis, and treatment options with the patient and his or her family.