Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Institute’s commitment is aligned with our crossed disciplinary effort to implement evidence-based patient care paths in a fully integrated care delivery model.  Our patient centered care model allows our patients to access care through a variety of specialized, disease specific centers.   Each center incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and management of a specific neurological condition, harnessing the expertise of different specialists in a close collaborative manner working towards delivering the best care for the complex neurological conditions.  

We are Hawaii’s first fully integrated multidisciplinary neuroscience specialists working in a patient centered care model.
We believe that collaborative group care is not only better, but it is more effective and more efficient. Our core values include innovative care in which our specialists provides the latest and most advance approach to the disease state and lead the state in neuroscience research and clinical trials. We believe care should include preventive measures, wellness and healing for both mind and body. We believe in holistic care and that care can take place in different settings for comfort and values.
Most of all, our patients remain the focus of all we do and care should be tailored made just for you. As a group, our unique approach allows us to measure quality and outcomes on a continual basis, and enhances our ability to conduct research. This care model is supported by value-based approach to ensure evidence based and efficient standard of care.


Diagnostic Expertise

HPN specialists employ the latest and most advanced diagnostic capabilities to solve and diagnose complex neurological conditions.  These services will be made available at HPN or working with facilities on campus including 3TMRI, Digital EEG, Long Term EEG, EMG, Carotid Doppler ultrasonography, full battery of neuropsychological testings including biofeedback. 

Advanced Treatment Modalities

In 2013, HPN served more than 12,000 patients visits from Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big island, Molokai, Lanai and other islands seek the latest and leading edge neuroscience treatments including experimental drugs and implantable devices like vagal nerve stimulator.   

Innovation, Research & Clinical Trials

It is not always easy for patients and families in Hawaii to travel to the mainland for the latest cutting edge research treatments considering the distance and time away from work and families for both patients and caretakers. Therefore, The Research & Clinical Trial unit at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience has dedicated our effort to bring world class ground breaking neuroscience research and clinical trials to our island state to serve an unmet neuroscience needs.

Principal Investigator (PI) Kore Liow, MD is an NIH trained neurologist with over 20 years of clinical research experience and has served as PI for over 60 clinical trials in neuroscience working with the FDA, NIH, CDC, industries and others and published over 35 peer reviewed articles in neuroscience. He dedicates over 50% of his time in research. He is supported by a team of 10 specialists and researchers consisting of neurologists specializing in Stroke, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Dementia, Headache, Neuromuscular, ALS & Pediatric Neurology and Geriatrician, Neuropsychologists and Psychologist.

Because of the support of the local community, our research and clinical trial program has grown and is one of the most sought after clinical trial site in the US for neuroscience conditions because of its reputation for excellence in clinical care and operational excellence in research and clinical trials. The clinical trial site has electronic database with close to 10,000 patients. The facility encompasses over 7,000 square feet of office space with 24 exam rooms dedicated to neuroscience including dedicated clinical trial exam rooms, equipment's and facility.

Currently recruiting patients with Neurodegenerative Conditions like Alzheimer’s Dementia, MCI, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Stroke and other neurological conditions.    Research Hot Line 808-564-6113     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academia and Teaching

In 2013, HPN gives back to our community by serving as the largest neuroscience teaching and educational site in Hawaii for more than 30 residents, medical students, research and undergraduate students from University of Hawaii John Burns School of Medicine, Tripler Army Medical Center, Argosy University, UC San Diego, Boston College, Occidental College and University Malaya.  Our faculty supervises these residents and students on a daily basis and conduct weekly multidisciplinary teaching rounds and conferences as well monthly CME neuroscience grand rounds attended by physicians, residents, scientists from around the state.   HPN physicians and scientists also work collaboratively with public and private partners from the state to raise awareness, promote research and improve the care of neurological conditions for the state.   Full length academic paper is published in peer reviewed journal as well as several abstracts presented in 2013.  HPN also organized Hawaii’s first neuroscience conference attended by the Honorable Neil Abercrombie, Governor of the state of Hawaii.

Main Neurology Teaching Program of University of Hawaii John Burns School of Medicine