Our Ten Reminders

1. We are here to care for people
2. We show we care with our actions, words and attitude
3. We do everything with excellence
4. We strive to improve people’s lives
5. Each and every one plays an important role
6. We look out for each other
7. We demonstrate honor, integrity and respect in what we do
8. We maintain a culture and environment conducive for healing
9. We maintain healthy boundaries
10. We are good stewards of our resources

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience’s vision is to make a difference in people’s lives by providing the most comprehensive and best neuroscience care in Hawaii

Mission Statement

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience (HPN) Institute’s vision is to be the leader in neuroscience care and research for the state of Hawaii and the Pacific region.
Our mission is to seek out any unmet neuroscience needs and implement cost effective interdisciplinary team approach care model to deliver the most advanced neuroscience care and research in a patient centered, compassionate and holistic setting.
HPN’s commitment is aligned with our crossed disciplinary effort to implement evidence-based patient care paths in a fully integrated care delivery model.  This care model is to be supported by value-based approach to ensure evidence-based and efficient standard of care.
Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Institute’s fully integrated multidisciplinary approach to patient care includes specialist in neurology, geriatrics, psychiatry, physical medicine and Neuro rehabilitation, neuropsychology, psychology that integrate excellent clinical care, academic, research and teaching.

Our mission is to partner and work with international and local institutions to advance the care and research of neurological conditions in Hawaii like Alzheimer's and others.



Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience's Mission is to serve our community through outreach especially to those who need medical care the most.


HPN Physicians and our aspiring partner physicians rolled up their sleeves and provided free medical care to serve over 500 patients at the 2016 Convoy of Hope event in Honolulu. Dr Jason Tanaka (dentist), Dr. Glenn Pang, Dr. Craig Nakamoto, DR. Ritabelle Fernandez, Dr. Kristine Layugen (Pediatrics). Bottom: Dr. Hank Makini (optometry), Dr. Kore LIow, Dr. Jill Omori of UH JABSOM HOME Project


HPN physicians and staff and community physicians and volunteers provided free medical care to patients at Convoy of Hope Hilo on July 9th